Questão cód. 1129744
1)Choose the sentence which is grammatically correct.
a)Powerful Pharaohs had build the pyramids to have a safe place to their treasures.
b)Could you tell me where can I find a car park?
c)There weren’t economic prosperity during the Second World War.
d)The mother put the rose in water because it was in full bloom.
e)Blueberry is a kind of fruit who has much better antioxidants than chocolates.
Questão cód. 1129755
2)Read the statements below and choose the correct alternative.

A Brazilian documentary has win an Emmy.
I wonder when he’s going to pay back.
I hardly ever go anywhere by bus.
a)Only statement I is correct.
b)Only statement II is correct.
c)Only statement III is correct.
d)Statements I and III are correct.
e)Statements II and III are correct.
Questão cód. 1136569
3)Choose the item which best completes each sentences.
Quiet, please! __________ to concentrate here.
a)I am trying
b)I tried
c)I try
d)I have tried
e)I has tried
Questão cód. 1136584
4)Choose the correct alternative.
I haven`t seen my grandparents _____ they visited us _____ 2008.
a)for – in
b)since – in
c)since – on
d)in – in
e)on – in
Questão cód. 1508417
5)O ASAS (Alta Subtropical do Atlântico Sul) é um grande sistema de alta pressão atmosférica que pode ser identificado em Minas Gerais por
a)dias claros, temperaturas amenas e ausência de ventos, predominantemente de leste e noroeste.
b)dias nublados, temperaturas amenas e ventos fracos, predominantemente de leste e sudoeste.
c)dias nublados, temperaturas máximas altas e ventos fortes, predominantemente de leste e nordeste.
d)dias claros, temperaturas máximas altas e ventos fracos, predominantemente de leste e nordeste.
Questão cód. 1508420
6)Leia as assertivas abaixo e classifique-as como (V) verdadeiras ou (F) falsas:

(___) Quando há massa de ar fria, os ventos do sul, sudeste e sudoeste predominam.
(___) Durante o verão, a Alta Polar do Atlântico Sul é relocada para o oceano, o que diminui sua ação sobre o continente, o qual está mais quente devido à intensa radiação solar nesta época do ano.
(___) A Alta da Bolívia é uma alta circulação troposférica que ocorre durante estações chuvosas na América do Sul e causa fortes movimentações de massas de ar e temperaturas e chuvas intensas.
(___) O alto nível de convergência úmida fomenta as frentes frias que resultam em altos níveis de precipitação.

A sequência CORRETA de classificação, de cima para baixo, é:
a)(F); (V); (V); (V).
b)(V); (F); (V); (F).
c)(V); (V); (F); (F).
d)(V); (V); (V); (F).
Questão cód. 1510832
7)By saying that "Reading the word is not enough." (§1), Paulo Freire means that
a)authors in general have great difficulty to express their messages.
b)readers should not attempt to read a text based on their knowledge of the world.
c)texts reflect more often than not the ideas of individuals without necessarily mirroring the concepts of the world.
d)the interpretation of a text is directly connected to questions such as where, when, to whom and why it has been produced.
Questão cód. 1512716
8)What is true about the teaching methodology called the Silent Way?
a)The aim of the teacher is to say as little as possible.
b)It stresses the similarities between the mother language and the target language.
c)The focus is to enable the learner to communicate effectively and appropriately in different situations.
d)There is much talk in the mother tongue which is translated by the teacher for repetition by the student.
Questão cód. 1512720
9)What is true about descriptive English writing?
a)It supports ideas presented in sequence to justify a particular stand or viewpoint that a writer is taking.
b)The writer's purpose is to explain how something works or state reasons for some phenomenon.
c)It is used in all forms of writing to create a vivid impression of a person, place, object or event.
d)It sequences people/characters in time and place.
Questão cód. 1525039
10)According to the text, one of the NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center cutting-edge research facility is called
a)Space Launch System.
b)Nuclear Thermal Rocket Element Environmental Simulator.
c)Advanced Exploration Systems.
d)Nuclear Cryogenic Propulsion Stage.
e)Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate.