Questão cód. 1021269
1)Journalism is the craft of ________________ news, descriptive material and comment via a widening spectrum of media. These include newspapers, magazines, radio and television, the internet and, more recently, the cellphone. Journalists serve as the chief purveyors of information and opinion. “News _____________ what the consensus of journalists determines it ___________________.”

( Adaptado)
a)conveying … is … to be
b)to convey … are … be
c)convey … to be … being
d)conveys … is … be
e)conveyed … are … to be
Questão cód. 1136582
2)Assinale a alternativa que complete a frase corretamente:
Helen is __________ girl in school.
a)as intelligent as
b)more intelligent than
c)the most intelligent
e)the intelligentest
Questão cód. 1136584
3)Choose the correct alternative.
I haven`t seen my grandparents _____ they visited us _____ 2008.
a)for – in
b)since – in
c)since – on
d)in – in
e)on – in
Questão cód. 1137208
4)circle the correct synonym for the underlined word.
Students beguile their leisure hours in computer stores.
a)cause time to pass unnoticed
c)waste regrettably
d)fool arou
Questão cód. 1141302
5)Choose the correct alternative.

“… electricity supplies are close to running out”. This means that:
a)The amount of electricity available is almost exhausted.
b)Everybody is in a hurry to reserve electricity supplies.
c)The shops may never turn on the lights.
d)Power stations have been closed now.
Questão cód. 1141304
6)Choose the correct alternative.

“Citizens are asked to save electricity”. In the active voice, this sentence would be:
a)“Save the electricity”, say the citizens.
b)Citizens ask us to save electricity.
c)Electricity has to be saved by the citizens.
d)They ask citizens to save electricity.
Questão cód. 1219836
7)Choose the best alternative to fill in the gaps bellow:
Mr. John’s applying for a job.
Right now, he is being interviewed by Mrs.
Dayse, head of the personnel department.
Mrs. Dayse: __________ is your full name, please? Mr. John: John Wilson.
Mrs. Dayse: __________ are you from? Mr. John: Canada.

Mrs. Dayse: __________ were you born? Mr. John: I was born on March 17, 1961.
Mrs. Dayse: __________ did you know about our job offer?
Mr. John: Through the ad you put in the newspaper.
a)Who – How –Where –When
b)What –Where – How –Why
c)What –Who – When – How
d)How –Where – Why –Who
e)What –Where – When – How
Questão cód. 1221162
8)- Despite all the investments in research and tests, relatively few biotechnological drugs _____________.
a)had been approved
b)had been approving
c)is approved
d)will approve
e)is being approved
Questão cód. 1512731
9)Choose the option where the question is incorrect.
a)What would you like to do tonight?
b)Do you know where is the closest bank?
c)Does anyone here need directions to the stadium?
d)How many times do I have to ask you the same question?
Questão cód. 1528315
10)Choose the alternative which presents the correct translations.
a)Bulks: empilhar.
b)Bulk terminal: terminal de carga.
c)Cargo handling: movimentação de grãos.
d)Vessel tracking: trajeto de navios.
e)Dredging: dragagem.