Questão cód. 1006374
1)According to Brown (2007:14), the concepts approach, method, and technique, created by Edward Antony (1963) were reformulated and renamed by Richards and Rodgers (1982), respectively approach, design, and procedure, with a superordinate term to describe this three-step process, now called method.

Read the definitions below and match them to the reformulated terms.

What defines assumptions, beliefs and theories about the nature of anguage and language learning.”

What specifies the relationship of those theories to classroom materials and activities.”

An umbrella term for the specification and interrelation of theory and practice.”

The techniques and practices that are derived from one’s specific set of beliefs as well as materials and activities.”

Mark the option which has the right sequence of terms.
a)approach / design / method / procedure
b)method / approach / design / procedure
c)approach / procedure / design / method
d)method / design / procedure / approach
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2)Mark the alternative which is equivalent to: ”Had I stopped” in the sentence below:

“Had I stopped at the red light, I wouldn't have been involved in the accident.”
a)If I stopped.
b)If I stop.
c)If I had stopped.
d)As I stopped.
e)When I stopped.
Questão cód. 1027193
3)Put the verb into the right form. I ………… my hands because they were dirty. (wash):
c)going to wash
d)have been washing
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4)What is the order given when it's necessary to reduce the slack on the spring?
a)"Pick up the slack on the spring."
b)"Make the spring tight."
c)"Heave up the spring."
d)"Send out the spring."
e)"Slack out the spring."
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5)Much of the power of the trade unions has been lost. _________, their political influence should not be underestimated.
a)Even so
d)Even though
e)Even until
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6)According to Richards and Schmidt (2002:193- 194), reading activities are usually classified in language teaching as intensive and extensive reading. Read the following comments carefully:

1- It refers to reading in quantity and in order to gain a general understanding of what is read.
2- It is intended to develop good reading habits, to build up knowledge of vocabulary and structure, and to encourage a liking for reading.
3- It requires a higher degree of understanding.
4- This sort of reading is generally done at a slower speed.
5- The aim of this kind of reading is to make learners more aware of how language is used.

The above comments refer, respectively, to:
a)extensive / extensive / intensive / intensive / intensive.
b)intensive / intensive / extensive / extensive / extensive.
c)extensive / intensive / extensive / intensive / extensive.
d)intensive / extensive / intensive / extensive / intensive.
e)extensive / extensive / intensive / intensive / extensive.
Questão cód. 1200044
7)“In language teaching, the use of materials that were not originally developed for pedagogical purposes, such as the use of magazines, newspapers, advertisements, news reports, or songs. Such materials are often thought to contain more realistic and natural examples of language use than those found in textbooks and other specially developed teaching materials”.
(Taken from Richards & Schmidt, Longman Dictionary of Language Teaching & Applied Linguistics, England, Longman, 2002, p. 42)

The text above refers to:
a)audio-visual aids.
b)authentic materials.
c)reading techniques.
d)action research methods.
e)communication strategies.
Questão cód. 1221146
8)Choose the best alternative for the sentences 07 to 12:

07 - Joseph is a ______________. He speaks seven languages.

a)intelligent very man
b)man very intelligent
c)intelligent man very
d)very man intelligent
e)very intelligent man
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9)Which alternative describes the conflict between publishers in the US and UK and the suggestions of the OCEM regarding topics to develop critical literacy?
a)The former supports the idea of approaching controversial topics but the latter rejects it.
b)The OCEM suggest banning controversial topics from school materials while the aforementioned publishers favor their inclusion.
c)Both agree that such topics should be included in school materials but that only students in the third year of high school should be exposed to them.
d)Whereas the American and British publishers avoid topics that may cause discomfort, there is a recommendation for such themes in the OCEM.
Questão cód. 1512719
10)What is it not true about formal letter writing?
a)With a formal letter it is always best to keep the content as succinct and professional as possible in clear paragraphs.
b)No contractions should be used to simplify words. Abbreviations must be spelt out in full when first used, the only exceptions being when the acronym is better known than the full name such as BBC or NATO.
c)The greeting of the letter needs to be simply "Dear Sir or Madam" or if you know the name of the person to whom you are writing, then always write the greeting with the title, for example, "Dear Mrs Smith".
d)There are many acceptable ways to end a formal letter; some examples being, "Thanks", "Hugs" and even "Love from" - depending on who you are writing the letter to and your relationship with that person.