Questão cód. 1129746
1)In which sentence does the verb “could” express possibility?
a)She couldn’t have been so jealous.
b)They can speak Greek very well.
c)Could you pass the sugar, please?
d)After lunch, we could go to the park.
e)ould you see them well?
Questão cód. 1136573
2)Choose the correct question to each answer:
Jane and Peter are spending a lot of money.
a)Is Jane spending Peter’s money?
b)What are Jane and Peter buying?
c)Is Jane buying toys?
d)How much money are Jane and Peter spending?
e)Is Peter spending Jane’s money?
Questão cód. 1136577
3)Choose the correct group of words in the plural.
a)mice – oxen – phenomena
b)teeth – womans – geese
c)children – thieves – wifes
d)lice – calves – wolfeis
e)N. D. A.
Questão cód. 1137212
4)He ________ for the national team in 65 matches so far.
a)has played
b)has been playing
d)is playing
e)had been playing
Questão cód. 1200044
5)“In language teaching, the use of materials that were not originally developed for pedagogical purposes, such as the use of magazines, newspapers, advertisements, news reports, or songs. Such materials are often thought to contain more realistic and natural examples of language use than those found in textbooks and other specially developed teaching materials”.
(Taken from Richards & Schmidt, Longman Dictionary of Language Teaching & Applied Linguistics, England, Longman, 2002, p. 42)

The text above refers to:
a)audio-visual aids.
b)authentic materials.
c)reading techniques.
d)action research methods.
e)communication strategies.
Questão cód. 1214229
6)Choose the letter in which the verb tense is NOT correct to the context.
Laura Buxton was celebrating her grandparent’s golden anniversary when she had an idea. She was deciding to release a gold and white helium-filled balloon with her name and address and a note attached. In the note, she asked the person who found the balloon to write her back.
a)was celebrating.
c)was deciding.
Questão cód. 1214232
7)Choose the letter in which the verb tense is NOT correct to the context.
It has happened ten years ago. Now both La uras are close friends. They found other things in common: they would like to marry soon and hope to find a husband who likes pets. In ten years, they think they will be living close to each other.
b)would like to marry.
d)has happened.
e)will be living.
Questão cód. 1221149
8)A: Barbara likes _____ teachers. Do you like _____? B: Oh, yes! I like _____ very much.
a)she / them / they
b)hers / theirs / theirs
c)she / they / them
d)her / yours / them
e)her / they / them
Questão cód. 1232360
9)Complete o texto a seguir com os pronomes mais adequados.

This is Mark. ______ is a good friend of mine.
That is Paula, _____ is his girlfriend.
Mark and Paula are from Germany. _____ are german.
I live with my brother and ___ have a pet. ____ is a dog called Otto.

A sequência correta é:
a)he - she - they - we - it
b)we - it - she - it - he
c)it - she - they - he - we
d)she - he - we - they - it
Questão cód. 1528314
10)There are some prepositions missing in the third paragraph. Choose the alternative which presents the missing prepositions.
a)to • for • in
b)by • at • for
c)in • with • to
d)at • on • for
e)for • by • at