Questão cód. 1001094
1)Put the verbs into the correct form: Simple Past.

________you_____ (hear) of Tom Jobim? He_______ (be) a Brazilian famous singer who ___________ (die) some years ago. He _______ (sing) very well. I __________ never_____(see) a singer like him.
a)Have /heard; was; died; sang; have/seen
b)Has/heard; was; died; sang; have/see
c)Have/heard; was; dyied; sung; have /saw
d)Has/heard; was; dyed; sang; have/saw
e)Have/hear; was; died; sang; have/seen
Questão cód. 1003446
2)In the sentence “Never in my life _______________ such a marvellous jazz presentation.” The correct verb form to fill in the blank is…
a)I have seen
b)you have seen
c)have I seen
d)you saw
e)I saw
Questão cód. 1027193
3)Put the verb into the right form. I ………… my hands because they were dirty. (wash):
c)going to wash
d)have been washing
Questão cód. 1027194
4)Change the following sentence into reported speech. Which is correct? Amanda said, “Ann is coming to get me at 5”.
a)Amanda said Ann is coming to get me at 5.
b)Amanda said Ann is coming to get her at 5.
c)Amanda said Ann was coming to get her at 5.
d)Amanda said Ann was coming to get me at 5.
e)Amanda said Ann was coming to get she at 5.
Questão cód. 1106643
5)In all periods “get” is used to form passives, except:
a)The man got stuck in the traffic jam.
b)The sun shone and I got very brown.
c)My husband got fined in Germany for crossing a road.
d)Every time I send a horse to France it gets beaten.
e)Our car gets cleaned about once every two months.
Questão cód. 1129760
6)Write “T” if the sentence is correct and “F” if the sentence is incorrect about the characteristics of the language and culture of the Tudor Period English. Then choose the alternative with the correct sequence.

I. Until Tudor times the local forms of speech had been spoken by Lord and peasant alike.
II. Literacy increased greatly during the mid-sixteenth century.
III. The Renaissance also influenced religion, encouraging the Protestant Reformation. IV. Shakespeare’s education was not typical of the Tudor Age.
a)T - T – F – F
b)F – T – F – T
c)T – F – T – F
d)T – T – T – F
e)F – T – T - T
Questão cód. 1137208
7)circle the correct synonym for the underlined word.
Students beguile their leisure hours in computer stores.
a)cause time to pass unnoticed
c)waste regrettably
d)fool arou
Questão cód. 1193757
8)In the sentence: My sister is very smart. She catches on the explanation very quickly. Catches on can be replaced by:
Questão cód. 1219837
9)Complete the sentence with the correct alternative.
Are you still looking_________ your jewelry?
Questão cód. 1525038
10)Considering the text, read the statements below.

I. Engines powered by expanded hydrogen work better than regular chemical engines.
II. A CERMET composite is made of ceramics, metal and graphite.
III. The Nuclear Cryogenic Propulsion Stage created the technology that took human crews to Mars.

According to the text, the correct assertion(s) is(are)
a)I and II, only.
b)I, II and III.
c)I and III, only.
d)I, only.
e)II, only.