Questão cód. 1003445
1)Complete the sentences using the words from the box and then choose the correct option:


*Mick likes playing tennis _______________ only if he wins.
*Dogs are loving and loyal, _______________ cats are very independent.
*Hugo claims to be a strict vegetarian and _______________ he regularly eats chicken.
*Cars produce a great deal of pollution, bicycles, _______________, are totally environmentally friendly.
* _______________ Joan likes living in the country, she does miss the convenience of living in town.
a)but / whereas / yet / on the other hand / although
b)whereas / but / yet / on the other hand / although
c)although / yet / on the other hand / whereas / but
d)yet / but / although / whereas / on the other hand
e)on the other hand / although / yet / whereas / but
Questão cód. 1006375
2)Based on Ur’s (1996: 228-238) concepts relating to classroom interaction, analyze the interaction patterns listed below.

I. Group work.
II. Student initiates, teacher answers.
III. Closed-ended teacher questioning (“IRF”)
IV. Self-access

Mark the correct sequence, considering from the most student centered to the most teacher centered pattern.
a)I - IV - II - III
b)IV - I - III - II
c)I - IV - III - II
d)IV - I - II - III
Questão cód. 1009617
3)Choose the only correct alternative to fill in the blanks:

I. Brazil is ________ Argentina.
II. Japan is _________ Bolivia.
III. The Everest is _________mountain in the world.
IV. France is not __________ Canada.
a)The largest – the richest – higher than – as big.
b)Larger than – richer than – the highest – as big as.
c)Larger – the richest – the highest – bigger.
d)Larger than – richer – higher than – the biggest.
e)Larger – richer – as high as – as big as.
Questão cód. 1136572
4)Choose the correct question to each answer:
I’m buying hygiene products.
a)What are you buying?
b)Where are the hygiene products?
c)Why are you buying hygiene products?
d)When do you go to buy hygiene products?
e)N. D. A.
Questão cód. 1136581
5)Assinale a alternativa que complete a frase corretamente:
They will _____ everything you ask them.
a)to do
Questão cód. 1141301
6)Choose the correct alternative.

“Businesses are asked to work without electric lights during daylights hours”. This means that:
a)Someone is asking owners of shops to turn the lights off and on.
b)Owners of shops have to keep lights off in the morning and afternoon.
c)Someone is asking owners of shops to turn the lights on during daylight hours.
d)The shops may never turn on the lights.
Questão cód. 1194345
7)Read the joke and answer the question

A: Why do you only take your wife to nightclubs?
B: By the time she gets ready, no other place is open.

According to the joke, we can conclude that
a)whenever he picks her up she’s ready to get away.
b)she isn’t able to have a get-together at nightclubs.
c)she spends most of her time trying to get in shape.
d)it takes her too much time dolling herself up before going out.
Questão cód. 1219836
8)Choose the best alternative to fill in the gaps bellow:
Mr. John’s applying for a job.
Right now, he is being interviewed by Mrs.
Dayse, head of the personnel department.
Mrs. Dayse: __________ is your full name, please? Mr. John: John Wilson.
Mrs. Dayse: __________ are you from? Mr. John: Canada.

Mrs. Dayse: __________ were you born? Mr. John: I was born on March 17, 1961.
Mrs. Dayse: __________ did you know about our job offer?
Mr. John: Through the ad you put in the newspaper.
a)Who – How –Where –When
b)What –Where – How –Why
c)What –Who – When – How
d)How –Where – Why –Who
e)What –Where – When – How
Questão cód. 1221159
9)A: I’ve heard a noise. I think _______ is at the door.
B: No, there isn’t ______ there. It may have been the neighbor’s cat again.
a)someone; somebody
b)somebody; anybody
c)anybody; somebody
d)anyone; someone
e)none; anybody
Questão cód. 1221160
10)My career would have been better by now if…
a)stress didn’t cause me to make some really bad choices in the past.
b)stress caused me to make some really bad choices in the past.
c)stress hadn’t caused me to make some really bad choices in the past.
d)stress will cause me to make some really bad choices in the past.
e)stress causes me to make some really bad choices in the past.
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