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1)Considering that the sentence “A few weeks before Christmas” begins a story whose sequence is composed by the sentences below, identify among them the one that has a cohesive problem:
a)The old milionaire has just told his Young girlfriend that...
b)He was going to give her a little present.
c)She believed him.
d)It is Christmas morning now…
e)He has just given her a big diamond.
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2)In all periods “get” is used to form passives, except:
a)The man got stuck in the traffic jam.
b)The sun shone and I got very brown.
c)My husband got fined in Germany for crossing a road.
d)Every time I send a horse to France it gets beaten.
e)Our car gets cleaned about once every two months.
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3)Choose the sentence which is grammatically correct.
a)Powerful Pharaohs had build the pyramids to have a safe place to their treasures.
b)Could you tell me where can I find a car park?
c)There weren’t economic prosperity during the Second World War.
d)The mother put the rose in water because it was in full bloom.
e)Blueberry is a kind of fruit who has much better antioxidants than chocolates.
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4)Choose the correct alternative.
I haven`t seen my grandparents _____ they visited us _____ 2008.
a)for – in
b)since – in
c)since – on
d)in – in
e)on – in
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5)Much of the power of the trade unions has been lost. _________, their political influence should not be underestimated.
a)Even so
d)Even though
e)Even until
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6)The only sentence in which the use of the IMPERATIVE is correct is:
a)Not use alcohol or any chemicals to clean the screen.
b)Press the button “Replay” if you want to watch the scene again.
c)You should call for assistance in case of doubt.
d)The product can be exchanged in case of defects.
e)You don’t need to recharge the batteries.
Questão cód. 1201865
7)Observe a seguinte situação em sala de aula e assinale a opção correta:

TEACHER: Now, let’s answer some
questions. Peter,
where did you go
PETER: I went farm.
TEACHER: You mean you went to
the farm. Repeat
after me. “I went to
the farm.”
PETER: I went to the farm.
TEACHER: Good. Now class, after
me: “The farm.”
CLASS: The farm.
TEACHER: Went to the farm.
CLASS: Went to the farm.
TEACHER: I went to the farm.
CLASS: I went to the farm.
TEACHER: Ok, now let’s move on
a)The excerpt depicts a moment in a TPR (Total Physical Response) class in which a drill, a repetition activity, is taking place.
b)The excerpt represents a moment in an Audiolingual class. In this method, language learning is seen as a process of habit formation, so in this sense, the stronger the habit, the greater the learning.
c)The excerpt above represents a moment in a typical Community Language Learning class. In that approach errors are not seen as a natural outcome of the development of communication skills and are, therefore, tolerated.
d)The excerpt could represent a moment in a Desuggestopedia class. One of the language teacher’s major roles in this method is to provide students with a correct model of the target language, similar to a conductor.
Questão cód. 1219874
8)Choose the best alternative to fill in the gap: ________________ some apple juice?
a)Would you like
b)You like
c)Like you
d)Do you like
Questão cód. 1221164
9)Assinale a alternativa que não está correta, de acordo com o texto:
a)O total de cadeiras a preencher na última eleição em Ruanda era 80.
b)Para as mulheres de Ruanda, ainda é possível conquistar a maioria das cadeiras disponíveis para esta eleição.
c)As mulheres de Ruanda estão orgulhosas por terem conquistado sua igualdade.
d)Focus in Africa é um noticiário de rede BBC.
e)Os homens ruandeses acham que as mulheres são muito frescas e precisam mudar esse comportamento para obterem a maioria dos votos da nação.
Questão cód. 1232360
10)Complete o texto a seguir com os pronomes mais adequados.

This is Mark. ______ is a good friend of mine.
That is Paula, _____ is his girlfriend.
Mark and Paula are from Germany. _____ are german.
I live with my brother and ___ have a pet. ____ is a dog called Otto.

A sequência correta é:
a)he - she - they - we - it
b)we - it - she - it - he
c)it - she - they - he - we
d)she - he - we - they - it
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