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1)Based on Ur’s (1996: 228-238) concepts relating to classroom interaction, analyze the interaction patterns listed below.

I. Group work.
II. Student initiates, teacher answers.
III. Closed-ended teacher questioning (“IRF”)
IV. Self-access

Mark the correct sequence, considering from the most student centered to the most teacher centered pattern.
a)I - IV - II - III
b)IV - I - III - II
c)I - IV - III - II
d)IV - I - II - III
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2)What is the speaker expressing with the given modal choice?

“The trial should be over in a few weeks”.
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3)Choose the item which best completes each sentences.
Quiet, please! __________ to concentrate here.
a)I am trying
b)I tried
c)I try
d)I have tried
e)I has tried
Questão cód. 1136584
4)Choose the correct alternative.
I haven`t seen my grandparents _____ they visited us _____ 2008.
a)for – in
b)since – in
c)since – on
d)in – in
e)on – in
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5)I was sitting at my desk when there was a loud crash as something came flying through the window. At first I thought it was a rock, but then a realized it was a cricket ball. I picked up the ball and put it on the desk beside ___________.
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6)“In language teaching, the use of materials that were not originally developed for pedagogical purposes, such as the use of magazines, newspapers, advertisements, news reports, or songs. Such materials are often thought to contain more realistic and natural examples of language use than those found in textbooks and other specially developed teaching materials”.
(Taken from Richards & Schmidt, Longman Dictionary of Language Teaching & Applied Linguistics, England, Longman, 2002, p. 42)

The text above refers to:
a)audio-visual aids.
b)authentic materials.
c)reading techniques.
d)action research methods.
e)communication strategies.
Questão cód. 1208712
7)According to The Bank of Spain, since 2007 official house prices have:
a)decreased 17%.
b)grown 20%.
c)inflated 40%.
d)dropped 43%.
e)diminished 50%.
Questão cód. 1214232
8)Choose the letter in which the verb tense is NOT correct to the context.
It has happened ten years ago. Now both La uras are close friends. They found other things in common: they would like to marry soon and hope to find a husband who likes pets. In ten years, they think they will be living close to each other.
b)would like to marry.
d)has happened.
e)will be living.
Questão cód. 1221160
9)My career would have been better by now if…
a)stress didn’t cause me to make some really bad choices in the past.
b)stress caused me to make some really bad choices in the past.
c)stress hadn’t caused me to make some really bad choices in the past.
d)stress will cause me to make some really bad choices in the past.
e)stress causes me to make some really bad choices in the past.
Questão cód. 1221161
10)Anita lived in a country where women are considered inferior. Although she enjoyed living there, she __________________.
a)said that women is treated with total disrespect
b)said that women can treated with total disrespect
c)said that women will be treated with total disrespect
d)said that women were treated with total disrespect
e)said that women was treated with total disrespect
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