Questão cód. 1021269
1)Journalism is the craft of ________________ news, descriptive material and comment via a widening spectrum of media. These include newspapers, magazines, radio and television, the internet and, more recently, the cellphone. Journalists serve as the chief purveyors of information and opinion. “News _____________ what the consensus of journalists determines it ___________________.”

( Adaptado)
a)conveying … is … to be
b)to convey … are … be
c)convey … to be … being
d)conveys … is … be
e)conveyed … are … to be
Questão cód. 1027196
2)Mark and Janice __________ camping last month.
e)are going
Questão cód. 1129757
3)What is the speaker expressing with the given modal choice?

“The trial should be over in a few weeks”.
Questão cód. 1136573
4)Choose the correct question to each answer:
Jane and Peter are spending a lot of money.
a)Is Jane spending Peter’s money?
b)What are Jane and Peter buying?
c)Is Jane buying toys?
d)How much money are Jane and Peter spending?
e)Is Peter spending Jane’s money?
Questão cód. 1137209
5)I’m so tired! I’ve been _______ with work this week!
a)clogged up
b)snarled up
c)held down
d)snowed under
e)felt off
Questão cód. 1137214
6)I’ll be with you in _________
a)one quarter of an hour
b)a quarter of an hour
c)a quarter of one hour
d)a quarter of hour
e)one quarter of a hour
Questão cód. 1200044
7)“In language teaching, the use of materials that were not originally developed for pedagogical purposes, such as the use of magazines, newspapers, advertisements, news reports, or songs. Such materials are often thought to contain more realistic and natural examples of language use than those found in textbooks and other specially developed teaching materials”.
(Taken from Richards & Schmidt, Longman Dictionary of Language Teaching & Applied Linguistics, England, Longman, 2002, p. 42)

The text above refers to:
a)audio-visual aids.
b)authentic materials.
c)reading techniques.
d)action research methods.
e)communication strategies.
Questão cód. 1221163
8)O texto informa que:
a)Em Ruanda, os homens ainda dominam a política.
b)O genocídio ocorrido na década de 1990 teve como principais vítimas as mulheres de Ruanda.
c)Ruanda deverá ser o primeiro país do mundo onde o número de mulheres na política supera o número de homens.
d)As mulheres de Ruanda não acreditam que as mudanças no cenário político do país possam trazer bons resultados.
e)Ruanda é o menor país da África.
Questão cód. 1221165
9)Os pronomes IT e THEY, sublinhados no texto, referem-se, respectivamente, a:
a)Ruanda e mulheres ruandesas.
b)genocídio e mulheres ruandesas.
c)genocídio e homens ruandeses.
d)Ruanda e homens ruandeses.
e)progresso e homens ruandeses.
Questão cód. 1232360
10)Complete o texto a seguir com os pronomes mais adequados.

This is Mark. ______ is a good friend of mine.
That is Paula, _____ is his girlfriend.
Mark and Paula are from Germany. _____ are german.
I live with my brother and ___ have a pet. ____ is a dog called Otto.

A sequência correta é:
a)he - she - they - we - it
b)we - it - she - it - he
c)it - she - they - he - we
d)she - he - we - they - it
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