Questão cód. 1003445
1)Complete the sentences using the words from the box and then choose the correct option:


*Mick likes playing tennis _______________ only if he wins.
*Dogs are loving and loyal, _______________ cats are very independent.
*Hugo claims to be a strict vegetarian and _______________ he regularly eats chicken.
*Cars produce a great deal of pollution, bicycles, _______________, are totally environmentally friendly.
* _______________ Joan likes living in the country, she does miss the convenience of living in town.
a)but / whereas / yet / on the other hand / although
b)whereas / but / yet / on the other hand / although
c)although / yet / on the other hand / whereas / but
d)yet / but / although / whereas / on the other hand
e)on the other hand / although / yet / whereas / but
Questão cód. 1071754
2)What is the order given when it's necessary to reduce the slack on the spring?
a)"Pick up the slack on the spring."
b)"Make the spring tight."
c)"Heave up the spring."
d)"Send out the spring."
e)"Slack out the spring."
Questão cód. 1117582
3)"It is true that some learners acquire second language grammar naturally without instruction. For example, there are immigrants to the United States who acquire proficiency in English on their own. This is especially true of young immigrants. However, this is not true for all learners. Among the same immigrant groups are learners who may achieve a degree of proficiency, but whose English is far from accurate. A more important question may be whether it is possible with instruction to help learners who cannot achieve accuracy in English on their own.
It is also true that learning particular grammatical distinctions requires a great deal of time even for the most skilled learners. Carol Chomsky (1969) showed that native English speakers were still in the process of acquiring certain grammatical structures in English well into adolescence. Thus, another important question is whether it is possible to accelerate student's natural learning of grammar through instruction."

This text defends:
a)That grammar do not need to be taught to foreign learners.
b)That Carol Chomsky did a great research about grammar teaching.
c)That grammar needs to be taught.
d)That grammar is acquired naturally.
e)That language could not be associated to grammar.
Questão cód. 1136573
4)Choose the correct question to each answer:
Jane and Peter are spending a lot of money.
a)Is Jane spending Peter’s money?
b)What are Jane and Peter buying?
c)Is Jane buying toys?
d)How much money are Jane and Peter spending?
e)Is Peter spending Jane’s money?
Questão cód. 1137209
5)I’m so tired! I’ve been _______ with work this week!
a)clogged up
b)snarled up
c)held down
d)snowed under
e)felt off
Questão cód. 1141304
6)Choose the correct alternative.

“Citizens are asked to save electricity”. In the active voice, this sentence would be:
a)“Save the electricity”, say the citizens.
b)Citizens ask us to save electricity.
c)Electricity has to be saved by the citizens.
d)They ask citizens to save electricity.
Questão cód. 1194345
7)Read the joke and answer the question

A: Why do you only take your wife to nightclubs?
B: By the time she gets ready, no other place is open.

According to the joke, we can conclude that
a)whenever he picks her up she’s ready to get away.
b)she isn’t able to have a get-together at nightclubs.
c)she spends most of her time trying to get in shape.
d)it takes her too much time dolling herself up before going out.
Questão cód. 1221146
8)Choose the best alternative for the sentences 07 to 12:

07 - Joseph is a ______________. He speaks seven languages.

a)intelligent very man
b)man very intelligent
c)intelligent man very
d)very man intelligent
e)very intelligent man
Questão cód. 1221163
9)O texto informa que:
a)Em Ruanda, os homens ainda dominam a política.
b)O genocídio ocorrido na década de 1990 teve como principais vítimas as mulheres de Ruanda.
c)Ruanda deverá ser o primeiro país do mundo onde o número de mulheres na política supera o número de homens.
d)As mulheres de Ruanda não acreditam que as mudanças no cenário político do país possam trazer bons resultados.
e)Ruanda é o menor país da África.
Questão cód. 1232363
10)Qual das alternativas NÃO representa um animal marinho:
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