Questão cód. 1006375
1)Based on Ur’s (1996: 228-238) concepts relating to classroom interaction, analyze the interaction patterns listed below.

I. Group work.
II. Student initiates, teacher answers.
III. Closed-ended teacher questioning (“IRF”)
IV. Self-access

Mark the correct sequence, considering from the most student centered to the most teacher centered pattern.
a)I - IV - II - III
b)IV - I - III - II
c)I - IV - III - II
d)IV - I - II - III
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2)In all periods “get” is used to form passives, except:
a)The man got stuck in the traffic jam.
b)The sun shone and I got very brown.
c)My husband got fined in Germany for crossing a road.
d)Every time I send a horse to France it gets beaten.
e)Our car gets cleaned about once every two months.
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3)circle the correct synonym for the underlined word.
He was inflexible in his determination to unite his country.
Questão cód. 1137209
4)I’m so tired! I’ve been _______ with work this week!
a)clogged up
b)snarled up
c)held down
d)snowed under
e)felt off
Questão cód. 1193757
5)In the sentence: My sister is very smart. She catches on the explanation very quickly. Catches on can be replaced by:
Questão cód. 1194345
6)Read the joke and answer the question

A: Why do you only take your wife to nightclubs?
B: By the time she gets ready, no other place is open.

According to the joke, we can conclude that
a)whenever he picks her up she’s ready to get away.
b)she isn’t able to have a get-together at nightclubs.
c)she spends most of her time trying to get in shape.
d)it takes her too much time dolling herself up before going out.
Questão cód. 1214230
7)Choose the letter in which the verb tense is NOT correct to the context.
Ten days later, a letter has arrived at her home. It was a reply from another Laura, who had found the balloon in her backyard 225 kilometers away. Both Lauras were aged ten and both had a three-year-old black Labrador, a guinea pig, and a rabbit.
a)has arrived.
c)had found.
Questão cód. 1214231
8)Choose the letter in which the verb tense is NOT correct to the context.
“I talked to Laura on the telephone”, sai d the first Laura. “I hope we can became best friends, because we have lots in common. We have made plans to meet up”.
e)have made.
Questão cód. 1221158
9)Gabriella: Come on, Brian. Lia would help you if you asked her to, ______?
a)isn’t she
b)would she
c)wouldn’t you
d)would you
e)wouldn’t she
Questão cód. 1221162
10)- Despite all the investments in research and tests, relatively few biotechnological drugs _____________.
a)had been approved
b)had been approving
c)is approved
d)will approve
e)is being approved
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