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1)Penny Ur (1996:105-108) wonders what real-life listening involves and affirms that “the objective of listening comprehension practice in the classroom is that students should learn to function successfully in real-life listening situations.” She suggests that listening tasks should contain some characteristics to be more effective.

According to her assumptions, mark the INCORRECT alternative.
a)Ongoing listener responses should not occur; instead, they should wait to the end.
b)Learners should have some idea about what kind of text they are going to hear. It activates learners’ relevant schemata.
c)The definition of a purpose enables the listener to listen selectively for significant information easier than trying to understand everything.
d)Specific previous information enables students to use this acquired knowledge to build up ‘scaffolding’ that will help them understand.
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2)Windows 7 ____________ is the most versatile and powerful edition of Windows 7. It combines remarkable easeof- use with the entertainment features of the business capabilities, including the ability to run many Windows XP productivity programs in Windows XP Mode. For added security, you can encrypt your data with BitLocker and BitLocker-To-Go. And for extra flexibility, you can work in any of 35 languages.
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3)The order: "Hold the rudder fully over to the left side" is given to the helmsman as:
a)All port.
b)Steer to starboard.
c)Starboard, steady.
e)Meet her.
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4)Write “T” if the sentence is correct and “F” if the sentence is incorrect about the characteristics of the language and culture of the Tudor Period English. Then choose the alternative with the correct sequence.

I. Until Tudor times the local forms of speech had been spoken by Lord and peasant alike.
II. Literacy increased greatly during the mid-sixteenth century.
III. The Renaissance also influenced religion, encouraging the Protestant Reformation. IV. Shakespeare’s education was not typical of the Tudor Age.
a)T - T – F – F
b)F – T – F – T
c)T – F – T – F
d)T – T – T – F
e)F – T – T - T
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5)Choose the correct alternative.
Don`t be afraid of it, _________?
a)do you
b)don`t you
c)were you
d)will you
e)are you
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6)Choose the correct alternative.
I haven`t seen my grandparents _____ they visited us _____ 2008.
a)for – in
b)since – in
c)since – on
d)in – in
e)on – in
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7)Choose the correct alternative.

“Citizens are asked to save electricity”. In the active voice, this sentence would be:
a)“Save the electricity”, say the citizens.
b)Citizens ask us to save electricity.
c)Electricity has to be saved by the citizens.
d)They ask citizens to save electricity.
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8)Choose a verb that is a synonym for the underlined phrasal verb in the sentence: I just don’t put up with my boss.
d)Argue with.
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9)In the sentence: My sister is very smart. She catches on the explanation very quickly. Catches on can be replaced by:
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10)Defining and non-defining relative classes are important elements to focus on when trying to help students improve their writing skills. This lesson focuses on reviewing the differences between defining and non-defining clauses, and then goes on to a writing exercise which employs non-defining relative clauses to expand a basic story outline.

Aim: Using non-defining clauses to improve writing skills

Activity: Two exercises: 1 - adding commas to sentences, 2 - expanding a text with non-defining clauses

This activity improves _________________skill.
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