Questão cód. 1003445
1)Complete the sentences using the words from the box and then choose the correct option:


*Mick likes playing tennis _______________ only if he wins.
*Dogs are loving and loyal, _______________ cats are very independent.
*Hugo claims to be a strict vegetarian and _______________ he regularly eats chicken.
*Cars produce a great deal of pollution, bicycles, _______________, are totally environmentally friendly.
* _______________ Joan likes living in the country, she does miss the convenience of living in town.
a)but / whereas / yet / on the other hand / although
b)whereas / but / yet / on the other hand / although
c)although / yet / on the other hand / whereas / but
d)yet / but / although / whereas / on the other hand
e)on the other hand / although / yet / whereas / but
Questão cód. 1003448
2)Read the following paragraph:

“Beethoven was 27 when he first noticed loss of hearing for high tones. This is too young either for circulatory disease or for syphilitic damage. Typhoid is more plausible.Without _______________ the composer’s temporal bones, no one can be certain. Those bones were missing when the skull was exhumed in 1863 and 1888. They must have been saved at the time of the original autopsy. The researchers concluded that perhaps in a forgotten cellar in Vienna a small-formalin-filled jar holds the answer”

The word to complete the paragraph correctly is…
b)to examine
Questão cód. 1071754
3)What is the order given when it's necessary to reduce the slack on the spring?
a)"Pick up the slack on the spring."
b)"Make the spring tight."
c)"Heave up the spring."
d)"Send out the spring."
e)"Slack out the spring."
Questão cód. 1106643
4)In all periods “get” is used to form passives, except:
a)The man got stuck in the traffic jam.
b)The sun shone and I got very brown.
c)My husband got fined in Germany for crossing a road.
d)Every time I send a horse to France it gets beaten.
e)Our car gets cleaned about once every two months.
Questão cód. 1136569
5)Choose the item which best completes each sentences.
Quiet, please! __________ to concentrate here.
a)I am trying
b)I tried
c)I try
d)I have tried
e)I has tried
Questão cód. 1137208
6)circle the correct synonym for the underlined word.
Students beguile their leisure hours in computer stores.
a)cause time to pass unnoticed
c)waste regrettably
d)fool arou
Questão cód. 1141302
7)Choose the correct alternative.

“… electricity supplies are close to running out”. This means that:
a)The amount of electricity available is almost exhausted.
b)Everybody is in a hurry to reserve electricity supplies.
c)The shops may never turn on the lights.
d)Power stations have been closed now.
Questão cód. 1221160
8)My career would have been better by now if…
a)stress didn’t cause me to make some really bad choices in the past.
b)stress caused me to make some really bad choices in the past.
c)stress hadn’t caused me to make some really bad choices in the past.
d)stress will cause me to make some really bad choices in the past.
e)stress causes me to make some really bad choices in the past.
Questão cód. 1221162
9)- Despite all the investments in research and tests, relatively few biotechnological drugs _____________.
a)had been approved
b)had been approving
c)is approved
d)will approve
e)is being approved
Questão cód. 1232363
10)Qual das alternativas NÃO representa um animal marinho:
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