Questão cód. 1009620
1)Mark the alternative which is equivalent to: ”Had I stopped” in the sentence below:

“Had I stopped at the red light, I wouldn't have been involved in the accident.”
a)If I stopped.
b)If I stop.
c)If I had stopped.
d)As I stopped.
e)When I stopped.
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2)The order: "Hold the rudder fully over to the left side" is given to the helmsman as:
a)All port.
b)Steer to starboard.
c)Starboard, steady.
e)Meet her.
Questão cód. 1106642
3)The Bible is composed of a collection of books. These books contain different texts structures. Match from the items below the one that is incorrectly classified:
a)“The lampstands of pure gold (five on the right and five on the left, in front of the inner sanctuary) the gold floral work and lamps and tongs”. (1 Kings 7:49) – description.
b)Then Solomon said, “The lord has said that he would dwell in a dark cloud”. (1 Kings 8:12) – direct speech.
c)“So from now on we regard no one from a worldly point of view. Though we once regarded Christ in this way, we do so no longer”. (Corinthians 5:16) – indirect speech.
d)“Some time later the son of the woman who owned the house became ill. He grew worse and worse, and finally stopped breathing”. (1 Kings 17:17) – narrative.
e)“What shall we conclude then? Are we any better? Not at all! We have already made the charge that Jews and Gentiles alike are all under sin”.(Romans 3:9) – dissertative.
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4)What is the speaker expressing with the given modal choice?

“The trial should be over in a few weeks”.
Questão cód. 1129759
5)Othello, a great success in Shakespeare’s time, was one of the first plays to be acted after reopening of the Theatre in 1660. Choose the correct alternative about this play.
a)Othello is a common tragic hero.
b)He is a black general in the service of Venice.
c)He did not see Iago as a force of evil.
d)The audience’s first impressions of Othello are most than favorable.
e)In Othello the minor characters are not important.
Questão cód. 1136581
6)Assinale a alternativa que complete a frase corretamente:
They will _____ everything you ask them.
a)to do
Questão cód. 1141302
7)Choose the correct alternative.

“… electricity supplies are close to running out”. This means that:
a)The amount of electricity available is almost exhausted.
b)Everybody is in a hurry to reserve electricity supplies.
c)The shops may never turn on the lights.
d)Power stations have been closed now.
Questão cód. 1207578
8)The words "Thee", "Thy" and "Thou" are respectively: As palavras: thee, thy an thou são respectivamente:
a)personal pronoun, possessive adjective, personal pronoun.
b)personal pronoun, personal pronoun, possessive pronoun.
c)object pronoun, personal pronoun, personal pronoun.
d)object pronoun, possessive pronoun, personal pronoun.
e)object pronoun, possessive adjective, personal pronoun.
Questão cód. 1221146
9)Choose the best alternative for the sentences 07 to 12:

07 - Joseph is a ______________. He speaks seven languages.

a)intelligent very man
b)man very intelligent
c)intelligent man very
d)very man intelligent
e)very intelligent man
Questão cód. 1221159
10)A: I’ve heard a noise. I think _______ is at the door.
B: No, there isn’t ______ there. It may have been the neighbor’s cat again.
a)someone; somebody
b)somebody; anybody
c)anybody; somebody
d)anyone; someone
e)none; anybody
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